There is an ever-growing need to show that we are all bound together by a common humanity.

Learning from the Righteous is an educational charity that uses the stories of acts of rescue, resistance and active-bystander behaviour by those who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust to inspire students to make a positive impact on their world today.

OUR MISSION is to promote respect and mutual understanding by:

  • Broadening children’s knowledge of the Holocaust in a fact-based, age-appropriate way
  • Supporting teachers with training programmes
  • Using examples of “active-bystander behaviour” to demonstrate our shared humanity
  • Celebrating the “courage of the few” who chose not to be passive bystanders
  • Encouraging children to devise practical ways of making a difference to the lives of others



Holocaust Memorial Day 2021:

We have joined forces with Finchley Reform Synagogue
to provide a wide range of online resources that can be accessed
by students, aged 11-15, whether they’re at home or in school.

Candles Of Hope

Stories of 20 active-bystander role models to inspire students to celebrate
their personal LIGHTS IN THE DARKNESS by creating their own CANDLES OF

Voices Of Hope

Videos of three special people sharing their own unique stories that students
can watch and then email their questions to via the site.

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These videos were recorded in December 2020 as part of our

Learning from the Righteous - Registered Charity Number: 1171408