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Learning from the Righteous, which gained charitable status in February 2017, is led by author and educationalist, Antony Lishak. He has been an educator for over thirty-five years and has written more than thirty books. Antony has been involved in Holocaust Education for most of his career.

After publishing STARS, a teenage novel based upon an act of rescue in Warsaw during WW2, he began to develop a range of teaching resources specifically designed to elicit empathetic responses from children aged between 10 and 14 by focussing their attention on the choices that made such acts of compassion so exceptional. These resources formed the basis of workshops which, in the last two years, have been rolled out to over 2,000 children in 15 schools.

Our aim is to further mutual understanding by encouraging participants to devise practical ways of making a difference to the lives of others. To achieve this and widen the reach of our work throughout the United Kingdom, we are rolling out an expanded workshop programme. Each workshop will focus on a specific act of rescue and the teachers leading the workshops will have the opportunity to attend training days to acquire the knowledge and confidence to use our interactive resource packs effectively.



Mr Simon Gallant (Chair)

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

Mr Richard Gold

Mr Lawrence Gould

Mr Scott Saunders

Mrs Ela Barrass

Mrs Natalie Burger


Have you ever felt discriminated against? I have, and it is horrible. It needs to stop. And if you see it, don’t ignore it, get involved and help. Because that victim could easily be you.”
Erika Choroszkiewicz age 14, St Jadwiga Królowej Polski Polish School


Learning from the Righteous - Registered Charity Number: 1171408